In case you missed our recent webinar on how to setup and use the NextGen Office E-Visit - Telemedicine module please read below and watch a replay of the webinar.

The Premium Patient Portal found in the NextGen Office EHR/PM, provides a number of benefits for both patients and providers alike. Given the current healthcare crisis sweeping the US and the rest of the world none is of greater interest or of benefit than the telemedicine module called E-Visit.

E-Visit is an easy to use, HIPAA compliant telemedicine module that is part of your NextGen Office Premium Patient Portal. (If you’re currently using the Standard Patient Portal the Premium portal is available as a very affordable upgrade.

Interest in using telemedicine has been slowly growing for several years. Both from the patient and the provider perspectives. The overnight changes brought on by the COVID-19 virus have now accelerated the demand for this service. The fact that providers can now bill governmental and commercial payers for telemedicine and E-Visit services further drive adoption at the provider level. (Click here to view the CMS Guide on  How to Charge for E-Visit and Telemedicine Services).

The interest in and demand for E-Visits is sure to remain high even after the extreme circumstances of our current healthcare environment have passed. This technology is here to stay.

Watch the replay below of a recent webinar we did on how to configure NextGen Office for E-Visits. We’ll cover the steps you need to take to configure NextGen Office, how to invite a patient and then how to start the E-Visit from both the patient and the provider's perspective.

You can also read this recent blog post on the steps to setup and use E-Visits

Link to the webinar video


If you don't currently have a secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution or are interested in upgrade your current one please click the button below to learn more about how the NextGen Office E-Visit, telemedicine solution can help.


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