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Meet Your New AI Ally : Ambient Assist


AI is the future, and NextGen® Ambient Assist embodies just that. With Ambient Assist, a SOAP note is generated from natural patient/provider conversation in seconds, using ambient listening technology. 

When providers use NextGen Ambient Assist on a mobile device, integrated ambient listening technology securely converts the spoken, natural patient-provider conversation into a structured SOAP note that can be reviewed and edited by providers in NextGen® Mobile and automatically integrated into the patient’s chart in NextGen® Enterprise EHR. 


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Level up from ordinary documentation

With Ambient Assist at their side, providers can shift from documenting SOAP notes to reviewing and verifying encounter details and ensuring they are focused on the patient and their specific health needs.

Time spent after visit to complete a note will never be the same. With Ambient Assist, the SOAP note is generated dynamically and can be reviewed within seconds after completion of the visit versus other solutions that require additional steps that consume hours after the patient visit.

Ambient Assist Features

Works with natural, conversational speaking styles

100% technology-based and does not require the use of additional personnel

Fully automated note-taking and chart integration, no additional copying and pasting required

SOAP note is typically generated in 20-30 seconds after the patient visit completion

Audio and transcripts are never stored or saved to ensure privacy and security

AI does not infer medical conditions, make medical judgements, or suggest a medical plan

Advantages Of Ambient Assist for Providers

It's that simple. Transform from a note taker to a note editor.
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Benefits of AI


• Generates a note with 90% accuracy, prior to review

• Seamlessly integrates the note into the EHR with no manual intervention

• Saves providers up to 2 hours of documentation time per day

• Eases burnout and gets providers back to doing what they love, faster

• Frees providers to focus on their patient relationships

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