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Let us handle the billing and collections while you focus on your patients. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services for NextGen® Office users can help increase revenue, decrease collection costs, and give you more time to concentrate on providing quality care.

The Role Of A RCM Partner


Keeping pace with change is vital to sustain and scale your business. A revenue cycle management (RCM) partner focuses on critical financial details, which allows your practice to maintain the big-picture perspective necessary for effective healthcare delivery.

A partnership approach is more beneficial than a completely outsourced relationship. Your practice should expect a level of shared accountability from a dedicated RCM partner, which allows your staff to shift their focus from financial management to other essential functions, such as high-quality care.

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It’s vital for your financial health to keep up with claims, eliminate denials before they occur, and ensure you get reimbursed promptly. We utilize your claim automation services, predictive analytics, and A/R follow up to streamline the process and improve your cash flow.

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As your billing partner, we'll be able to recover revenue more efficiently, and with less loss - plus, we'll take the heavy lifting out of the claims appeals process. Our billing expertise can make a huge difference in your ability to provide your patients with accurate billing information, and your staff the relief in workload they need to help drive the short - and long-term success of your practice. 

AVS Medical provides medical practices with expertise and tools of a dedicated billing partner. We do the research into technology, host the resources, and align ourselves with a long-term, self-funded healthcare technology partner to support your practice as it grows. 

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Why Choose AVS Medical?


Whether you're a small practice or a larger enterprise, we offer end-to-end RCM billing services that are cost-effective and deliver great results. Our goal is to help your practice succeed financially, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your patients.

When you choose AVS Medical, you can expect peace of mind, increased revenue, faster collection of payments, decreased collection costs, extra time to focus on your clinic, and total visibility and control over your revenue cycle. Our comprehensive experience in managing revenue cycle management for independent healthcare practices using NextGen® Office allows us to optimize your income while reducing costs and claim denials.


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