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YourHealthFile Patient Portal helps facilitate workflow and keeps your patients feeling in control of their own care.

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Integrated EHR Patient Portal

With "YourHealthFile" NextGen Office Patient Portal, your patients have private, secure access to their electronic Personal Health Record (PHR). Our online patient portal is completely integrated with NextGen Office EHR. Secure Telemedicine module built in.  Best-EHRs-patportal



A sophisticated patient portal should become an essential part of your workflow. When used as a seamlessly integrated tool, like YourHealthFile, it will improve quality care, and enhance efficiency and revenue. Your patient portal is the patient interface of your EHR, empower patients to become true partners in their own health care and easy interaction with your practice, while also cutting down on mundane tasks for you and your staff to perform.

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Leveraging Your Patient Portal


Why your practice needs to get the most out of this patient engagement tool


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Optimize the four main mechanisms of a patient portal and you'll find time to see more patients with fewer costs and a smaller staff.


Administrative - appointments, pre-registration and scheduling

  • The ability  for patients to access their physicians' schedule availability, via the patient portal, and request appointments online, eliminates the time your staff spends fielding requests via back-and-forth phone calls.
  • Patients enter their own data, eliminating data entry duties on your end, delayed appointments and unnecessary errors

Clinical - lab results, clinical summaries and Rx renewals

  • Telemedicine built in - secure one on one voice, video and chat.
  • Medication refill requests cut down on phone calls and automates the process. 
  • Immunizations module aligns with CDC Child and Adult Immunization Records; Patients and parents can print their own copies. Saves staff time, ink and helps eradicate office "bottlenecks".

Billing - online statements and "ask a biller" payment questions

  • Online Bill Pay replaces paper statements; payments are received faster and cost less to process - reduces postage, paper use and printing.
  • Detailed statement view displays the same level of detail as paper statements. 

Secure Messaging - compliant with the MIPS standards

  • Use our patient portal to communicate lab results to your patients. Your comments about the results are easily communicated to your patient.
  • Time spent messaging is less than time spent processing and routing phone calls.

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