The current pandemic has changed the face of health care in many ways. Tools such as telemedicine and online patient portals have now become not only the new normal, but are required to meet patient expectations. They have redefined safe and effective delivery of healthcare services. A robust patient portal with built in telemedicine is now expected by patients, and is crucial in patient retention and care delivery.

The cloud based EHR, NextGen Office has long had a great patient portal called YourHealthFile, that allows patients and their caregivers to perform a variety of activities including telemedicine, bill pay, contributing to their chart, secure messaging, etc from anywhere on any device. Whether from home or in your waiting room on a smartphone, patients can check in to their appointment, update their histories and today’s encounter, saving valuable provider and staff time.

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Now, a recent software update makes logging into the portal easier and faster than ever before, spurring patient adoption and usage of the portal.

Previously a patient had to enter their username and password, not overly difficult but something that could be tough to remember if they hadn’t logged in for a while.

They do have the option to use the “Forgot Username or Password” feature but that adds an additional step and complexity.

New – Log in with a Verification Code

Now we have a new way for patients to log in to the Patient Portal. Patients can now log in with a verification code. For detailed instructions on how to login with this method, refer to the Log in with Verification Code section in Log in to the Patient Portal.

How to Log In to the NextGen Office Patient Portal using a Verification Code

1. At enter First and Last names, DOB  then click “Send Verification Code” option

Nextgen Office patient portal Activation Code Window

2. The verification message has been sent to your phone appears and a corresponding text message is received on your phone

Notice that Nextgen Office patient portal Activation Code has been sent  to your phone 

Receive a text message on your phone from the NextGen Office patient portal

3.Enter the verification code

Enter the verification code sent to you by Nextgen Office patient portal Activation Co

The code expires in three minutes. To have another verification code sent to your phone, click Resend verification code.

4. Click Log In - You’re now logged into the the NextGen Office Patient Portal!


NextGen Office Patient Portal page


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