The NextGen Office Premium Patient Portal now includes enhanced modules that allow patients to update their medical information, schedule and request appointments, get convenient e-visits, and make online payments. This offering is in addition to the standard patient portal that meets MIPS requirements. 

experience the value of virtual visits

Virtual visits connect you with your patients to deliver high-quality care, anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

why now?
  • Virtual visits help lower patient and provider risk of infectious diseases, like COVID-19

  • Some states are mandating coverage of virtual visits as the same reimbursement as an office visit

  • Medicare has made substantial progress towards enhanced telehealth reimbursement

  • Telemedicine can help your practice stay competitive in a more consumer-oriented healthcare market

  • To meet patient expectations and demand for a secure telemedicine visit with their health care provider

  • Provide quality patient care via telemedicine

telemedicine use cases

  • Increase convenience for you and your patients through cloud-based access on any device, anywheredoctor using telemedicine in nextgen office

  • Screen patients who may be contagious or otherwise should not come into the office

  • Provide virtual follow-up visits


    Make chronic care management more accessible

  • Manage medication refills without tying up phone lines

  • Access patients with limited mobility

  • Connect Medicare or Medicaid patients at originating sites with off-site specialists




The power of virtual health care visits integrated with NextGen Office ensures a smooth user experience tailored to your workflow. As a result, you can easily connect with your patients on any device while providing a consistent experience, whether they see you in the office or via video.

Additional Information: 

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Benefits of the Premium Portal

  • Offers telehealth visits and increases patient satisfaction
  • Co-brands with your practice’s logo and attract patients by embedding the portal login into your website
  • Notify patients of outstanding bills and provide easy online payments (requires merchant services)
  • Offer online appointment requests or scheduling
  • Create customized announcements (e.g., “Get Your Flu Shots Here”)
  • Provide online medication refill requests 
  • Offer online intake/information forms
  • Available in 75 languages


Watch the Patient Portal Demonstration below to see how it all works!



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