If you're a busy provider taking care of patients in a nursing home or other long term care facility you may find you current EHR is not designed for your unique workflows, both from a clinical documentation and from a billing perspective. 


Long Term Care Shouldn't = Longer Workdays

In this blog post you'll learn how a powerful feature in the NextGen Office EMR solution can shorten the time you spend charting and managing your nursing home patients.

How We Do It

Tools in NextGen Office to manage nursing home visits


Servicing patients at nursing homes is all about mobility. NextGen Office was designed from the ground up for use on the iPad and when you get back to your desk, it works just as well on a desktop or laptop computer – Windows or Mac.

  • 100% Cloud-based
  • Full chartng on the iPad - not an app, the complete program!
  • Pre-loaded findings
  • Wound care templates
  • General Medicine or Podiatry
  • First cloud EHR for the APMA



Time based scheduling just does not work with long term care. When you visit a facility, you need a roster of all the patients that reside in the home and an Encounter Tracker that tracks which patients you visited with that day. When you get back to the office and see patients, you need the standard time-based schedule. In addition, you need a time-based calendar to track which homes you are scheduled to visit.

  • Patient Roster View
  • Time-Based View
  • Patient Encounter Tracker
  • Multi-Schedule View
  • Drag and Drop Appointment Management


How Dual Mode Scheduling Works in NextGen Office cloud based EHR



How Dual Mode Scheduling Works in NextGen Office - time based schedule


Patient registration for long term care patients should not have the same workflow as office-based ones. In NextGen Office you simply associate the patient with the facility and the address data pre-fills. What happens when you arrive at the facility and the staff asks you to see a new patient? Does your EHR have a scaled down registration form built specifically for providers that need to register a patient at the point of care? NextGen Office does, and it does not require complex toggling between practice management and EHR interfaces.

  • Pre-fill Patient Registration Data based on Facility
  • Abbreviated Registration for Providers that are on site

Nursing Home Patient Registration in NextGen Office



You’ve completed all the visits at a facility and now it’s time to communicate your documentation. Does your current EHR only support single encounter fax and print? Do you find yourself wasting time navigating to each encounter individually and then faxing or printing one by one? The best way to get your documentation to the facility and into the nursing home patient chart is to fax or print in bulk; the NextGen Office way in three easy steps:

  • View the Roster for a Facility
  • Select Patients
  • Bulk Fax or Print

Multi Patient Fax and Print out of NextGen Office cloud based EHR



Associating locations (facilities) with patients and schedules is a core function of all Billing and EHR systems. In the standard office workflow, one provider may have just a few locations where they care for patients. When a busy practice manages patients that reside at long term care facilities, the number of locations registered in the software could easily balloon to multiple locations. Most EHR systems are not equipped to offer interfaces that make the registration and selection of so many locations convenient. With NextGen Office, location management is simple.

  • Find any Location with an Easy to Use Search Engine
  • Associate Users with a Location



Setting up billing and EHR software is a challenge for all practices, but because of the volume of patients, locations (facilities) and referring providers, the challenge is steeper for medical practices that care for patients at nursing homes. With NextGen Office, we cut the data entry time to migrate information into the system with easy to use upload file functions. If you need to add thousands of patients, multiple locations or referring physicians, a simple data file upload will save thousands of keystrokes.

  • Patient Demographics
  • Locations (Facilities)
  • Referring Physicians
  • Clinical Data Conversion


Shorten Your Nursing Home Workdays with the EHR Designed for Long Term Care

If your medical group services nursing homes and other types of long term care facilities, you need an EHR that will shorten the time you spend charting and managing nursing home patients. NextGen Office is designed to make long term care charting easy.


Learn How NextGen Office will Streamline your Nursing Charting


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