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With NextGen Healthcare, you can choose from integrated EHR and practice management software solutions specially designed for you.


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Primary Care


With templates customized for family physicians, and a unique ability to adapt to your specific workflow – NextGen Office is a great choice for any family medicine practice. 


An EMR System Designed by Family Physicians

What do you get when you combine board certified family physicians as the principal visionaries of an EHR, with a highly seasoned healthcare IT team?  You get to leave your office without any homework. You get to chart in the exam room on your iPad or mobile tablet. You get an EHR that thinks like you do. You get NextGen Office EHR.   


With NextGen Office, Family Physicians experience the highest quality EHR experience in the nation.
NextGen Office is pleased to partner with The American Academy of Family Physicians

NextGen office is the best cloud based EMR for family medicine


  • Built in Telemedicine. Secure, easy to use
  • Connects to hundreds of labs including LabCorp and Quest (Gold Award Winner)
  • Top EHR for Clinical Quality (Medical Economics Survey)
  • JD Power Award Winner for Customer Service
  • NCQA Pre-Validated Patient Centered Medical Home module
  • Chronic Care Management Billing solution built in
  • Medicare Advantage Diagnosis Code assist (HCC optimization)
  • MIPS/MACRA Certified
  • MIPS Dashboards
  • ICD-10 Compliant
  • Integrated state of the art practice management with business intelligence dashboards
  • Integrated patient portal with patient payment features
  • Create Lab and Vital Sign Flow Sheets and share on patient portal
  • Customize most every part of the interface
  • EPCS, CoverMyMeds, PDMP query built in
  • Repurpose old encounters as favorite blueprints (templates)
  • Wirelessly Capture a patient image with your smartphone and annotate the image using MediDraw

Internal Medicine


A versatile medical specialty needs a versatile EHR, which is why NextGen Office is easily customizable to suit the needs unique to the internal medicine practice.

As an internal medicine physician, your main focus is patient care. Our Internal Medicine EHR Software was designed to automate your practice and help you spend more time with your patients. A versatile medical specialty needs a versatile EHR, which is why NextGen Office is easily customizable to suit the needs unique to the internal medicine practice.

Whether treating a simple flu or helping a patient manage their diabetes, NextGen Office Internal Medicine EHR software goes where you go, and helps ensure a patient-friendly, safe, and efficient care. Use the intuitive touchscreen interface to chart and compare results, order lab results, and monitor your patient flow.

Our strong focus on internal medicine and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any internal medicine practice.


Internal Medicine EHR Features


  • Internal medicine health maintenance alerts
  • More than 300 chief complaints
  • Nearly 300 care plans
  • Procedure notes for office procedures, including skin biopsy and incision and drainage (I&D)
  • Adapts to your charting workflows
  • Simple customizing
  • Start charting the first day you log in
NextGen Office - Top ranked cloud based emr for Internal-Medicine



Every pediatrician has heard the phrase “infants and children are not small adults.” Our Pediatrics EHR software was designed with this in mind. Created with the input of practicing pediatricians, NextGen Office is not just an adult EHR/EMR morphed into a pediatric system. With features designed for childhood medicine and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow, there is no better way to document child healthcare findings than with NextGen Office Pediatric EHR.


Pediatric Features
  • “Well Child” Blueprints speed encounter creation
  • Anticipatory Guidance is pre-formatted for each age group
  • Link Family History between siblings
  • Developmental Milestones are all pre-loaded
  • Dozens of Pediatric Specific Care Plans are built into the system
  • Tap your way through physical exam findings specific to each age group
  • Immunizations are pre-loaded and we connect directly to immunization registries
  • Automated Vaccine Inventory Tools to track your immunization supply
  • Add an immunization, and the “Virtual Superbill” is automatically populated with procedure codes
  • Create local, school, and camp forms; merge your signature and patient data right into the form
  • Dosing calculator assists in prescribing via our SureScripts Award Winning ePrescribing (eRx) Software
  • Add who accompanied the patient during the visit to the encounter note
  • Record the child’s legal guardian in the patient chart
  • Display of the Guarantor Balance improves collections during the check in process
NextGen Office - cloud based emr built for pediatrics




APMA encourages podiatrists to use NextGen Office as their preferred EHR partner.

As a foot and ankle specialist, your needs and objectives are different from those of other specialties. We understand that podiatrists require EHR and Practice Management software that is customizable and tailored specifically for podiatry. Unique needs demand a precise solution. That solution is NextGen Office.


The NextGen Office Difference


  • A powerful, all-in-one system, fully integrated with our world-class EHR, Practice Management, and clearinghouse solutions.
  • Platform independent, so it runs on any Apple or Windows computer including tablets, and is ideal for the touchscreen iPad
  • Pre-loaded with findings specific to the Foot and Ankle, meaning you can start charting on the first use.
  • The leading cloud, web-based Podiatric Medicine EHR/EMR; so it works anywhere with Internet access (which is almost everywhere).
  • SureScripts Certified Electronic Prescribing.
  • MIPS / Meaningful Use Certified, complete with MIPS Dashboard, Patient and Practice Scorecards .
  • No EHR start up fees. Easy to deploy without breaking the bank, and simple to adapt to your workflow and style.
  • Leap beyond templates with revolutionary, customizable technology, allowing you to maintain eye contact with your patients throughout every office visit.
  • Connect to all the major labs, and share the results with your patients via our patient portal.
  • Automatic updates of all codes, medications, and formulary.
  • Backed by live, U.S.-based customer service, and recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for “an Outstanding Customer Service Experience” two years running!




NextGen Office cloud based EMR for Podiatry APMA Corporate Member



NextGen Office is the only APMA-preferred EHR


Our mission is to help podiatrists achieve better healthcare outcomes for all of their patients. This mission is not only popular with practices, it has gained the attention and approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the leading source of foot and ankle health information.


Exclusive access to the APMA Registry


The APMA Registry aims to support every aspect of a podiatrist’s practice, and NextGen Office looks to further this effort through continued collaboration. Because NextGen Office is the only EHR for podiatrists that enables access to the APMA Registry, it offers your practice a meaningful way to participate in APMA initiates that rely on registry data.

NextGen Office also includes custom content for top podiatric concerns and 10 blueprints for podiatric care. We will continue to work with the APMA to advance podiatric medicine for the benefit of practitioners and their patients. You can join in our mission by choosing NextGen Office and opting in to the APMA Registry. 



Our strong focus on obstetrics and gynecology and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for today’s Ob/Gyn.

Giving birth to our Ob Gyn EHR was truly a labor of love. Our Ob Gyn EHR software was designed with input of practicing obstetricians and gynecologists, and it possesses design features specific to women’s healthcare. From pregnancy to term, NextGen Office EHR is simply the best way to document obstetric and gynecologic healthcare findings using the iPad, no other competitor comes close.


OB-GYN Features


  • Create perfectly formatted antepartum forms
  • Automatically fax the completed antepartum form to the designated labor and delivery facility
  • Easy to record pregnancy history
  • Import Ultrasound Images
  • Create Ultrasound Flow Sheets
  • Order and record prenatal lab tests and results
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology physical exam findings are preloaded
  • Automatic calculation of EDD
  • View a single day’s observation or all observations in a simple grid
  • Wirelessly capture a patient image with your smart phone and annotate the image using our revolutionary EHR drawing feature
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for ranked #1 for OBGYN





The new OB Banner is present at the top of every screen in the NextGen Office EHR for patients that have an active pregnancy.  Providing clinical staff with the minimum data needed to understand essentials of a patient's pregnancy and obstetric history.

  • Reduced documentation time
  • Better user experience
  • Lower frustration
  • Better patient outcomes

You can use the OB Banner to quickly view important data to understand the pregnant patient's obstetric history.




Nextgen Office also offers the unique benefit of providing the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology or ACOG form within the software. 


Nurse Practitioner


You’ve charted the same way for years and you still can with the customizable NextGen Office Nurse Practitioners EHR software.

Helping patients is your mission, helping you do that is ours. You don’t need an engineering degree to make NextGen Office speak like you do, just use our simple customization wizards. Leverage the cloud to facilitate secure collaboration with your peers. Easy to use co-management tools make NextGen Office the perfect choice for Nurse Practitioners and other healthcare providers.


NextGen Office - cloud based emr ranked #1 for Nurse practitioners


Black Book Rankings #1 Top EHR for Nurse Practitioners


In its latest rankings of EHR systems, Black Book named NextGen Office the number one ambulatory EHR for Nurse Practitioners. Black Book annually surveys over 300,000 healthcare IT users across 18 operational performance indicators, and is the largest user opinion poll of its kind in healthcare.

Nurse Practitioner Features


  • Integrated EHR, Billing and Patient Portal
  • U.S. Based J.D. Power and Associates Award-Winning Support
  • Free training, Support, Maintenance, Updates & Back-ups
  • Mobile iPad Charting and Smartphone Prescribing
  • Secure email and messaging built-in
  • MIPS Certified EHR


NextGen Office - best cloud based emr for Nurse-Practitioner



"With clickable buttons and an ipad I can get my work finished at work. With billing made trackable and streamlined I actually get paid. NextGen Office is the best EHR I have had yet.”



"As a Family Nurse Practitioner I needed an EHR that was affordable, one that allowed me to focus on my patients – NextGen Office is that EHR. To use it is to love it.”



Pain Management


With a strong focus on pain management, and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow –NextGen Office is the perfect choice for any pain management physician.

Easing the suffering and improving the quality of life for those living with pain requires a certain level of compassion. The pain management practice is complex, and whether your care plan involves pharmacological treatment, interventional procedures, or alternative therapy, NextGen Office is easily customizable to suit the unique needs of the pain management specialist.

Ensure efficient and reliable quality of care by creating intuitive, customized evaluations and treatment plans for your valued patients. The NextGen Office iPad/tablet ready platform eliminates the distraction of a traditional computer screen at point of care, allowing for more face to face time with patients.


Pain Management Features


  • Pre-loaded injection procedures designed for touch screen
  • Easily import data from previous notes to demonstrate how patient’s pain improves over time
  • New flow sheet capabilities allow physicians to easily review past treatments given and lab results.
  • ePrescribe Controlled Substances
  • Built in PDMP Checking
  • Easy to print controlled substances onto state regulated printing paper
  • Rx history import from Surescripts
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for pain management





With cardiology specific templates and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow, NextGen Office is a great choice for any cardiology practice.

NextGen Office for cardiologists comes with a variety of cardiology specific content and workflow capabilities. If you are performing in-office stress tests, and require your patients to move from examine room to testing room, NextGen Office EHR optimized for mobile iPad or tablet moves with you.

Physical exam templates such as cholesterol lipid analysis and Coumadin flowsheets have all of the findings required for any cardiologist to document the standard physical exam. If you need to add a finding, we supply a simple interface to match the one you typically use in your practice.

Cardiology Specific Features and Templates
  • Cholesterol Lipid Analysis
  • Coumadin Flowsheets
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Aortic Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Hypertension
  • Palpitations
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Valvular Heart Disease
  • And Many More…


NextGen Office cloud based emr for cardiology



Urgent Care


Hundreds of templates specific to urgent care needs and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow make NextGen Office a great choice for any urgent care facility.

With the ability to chart on the fly, easily track patients on one convenient dashboard, and customize many features, our Urgent Care EMR and EHR software possesses the architecture, EHR certification and sophistication to meet the needs unique to urgent care facilities. NextGen Office is a cloud-based EHR solution, so it works with full functionality on all platforms (mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops, Windows or Mac) and was designed especially for fingertip touch on the iPad so that you can touch, talk or type on the go or at bedside, saving valuable time.


Urgent Care Features 
  • Lightning fast, one-touch charting using MediTouch Blue-Prints
  • Hundreds of built in templates specific to Urgent Care needs
  • Seamless voice dictation
  • Use your tablet’s built-in camera to take clinical images at the point of care
  • Simple and fast HIPPA compliant task and messaging built in to share info with office staff
  • True touch-screen optimized User Interface
  • Hundreds of built-in templates make charting a breeze
  • Practice Dashboard view helps staff and your physicians make sure that they are always on the same page

  • ePrescribing of Controlled Substances
  • Awarded SureScripts White Coat of Quality Award five years in a row for upholding strict standards for clinical quality and best practices in e-prescribing
NextGen Office - best cloud based emr for urgent care



Osteopathic Medicine


Created by osteopathic physicians, and AOA EHR partner –NextGen Office EHR is the perfect choice for any DO.

NextGen Office EHR includes an “Osteopathic Module” that is built to assist osteopathic physicians in documenting the osteopathic exam. The medical team at HealthFusion is working closely with the Osteopathic profession to develop ways to make it easier for Osteopathic Physicians to meet the ever-growing list of requirements mandated by the government and licensing organizations such as the AOA.

HealthFusion is working with the AOA to find ways to integrate many of the quality guidelines that are part of the AOA’s highly successful CAP program. We recognize that participation in the AOA CAP program will be keyed to physician certification, and our goal is to make CAP reporting as simple and comprehensive as possible.


A Unique Partnership

The NextGen Office integrated EHR Suite of products was selected by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), as their strategic EHR partner. The purpose of our partnership is to promote adoption of electronic health records (EHRs), and the AOA is currently introducing HealthFusion’s NextGen Office to its more than 41,000 physician members nationwide. This is the largest medical organization partnership of its kind!


Promoting EHR adoption


  • NextGen Office is the AOA’s exclusive strategic EHR partner
  • Together we are committed to promoting quality healthcare and EHR adoption
  • An Osteopathic Module is already built-in
  • We are working collaboratively on making quality reporting simple and easy
NextGen Office - cloud based emr selected as the preferred EHR by theAOA



Geriatric Medicine


Our strong focus on geriatric medicine and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any geriatric medicine practice or nursing home.

Unlike other EHR software, NextGen Office EHR understands the daily challenges for patients and physicians in geriatric medicine and long term and post-acute care (LTPAC).

NextGen Office geriatrics EHR software platform is elegantly integrated with HealthFusion’s Practice Management and Clearinghouse solutions, optimizing the physician experience as well as streamlining registration, scheduling, claims, billing, and collections for your staff.


Geriatric Medicine Features


  • Checklist to assist with the client success with Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit
  • Meaningful Use optimized out of the box
  • Integrated ePrescribing system
  • Patient medial history available at the tap of a fingertip
NextGen Office , the best cloud based emr for geriatric medicine



Ear, Nose & Throat


With ear, nose, and throat specific templates and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow, NextGen Office is a great choice for any otolaryngology practice.

A multidisciplinary medical specialty needs a versatile EHR. This is why NextGen Office EHR software comes pre-loaded with otolaryngology specific language and templates. Whether treating an ear infections, nerve damage, or sinus problems - NextGen Office is designed to think like you do, and is easily customizable to your preferred charting process.


Otolaryngology EHR Features


  • Pre-loaded with data and findings to begin charting on the first login
  • Connected to all the major labs to view and order results
  • Perform a complete SOAP note from start to finish on your iPad
  • Chart at the point of care and maintain eye contact with your patient
  • Certified MIPS Reporting
ENT provider uses NextGen Office EMR to document care






Our strong focus on gastroenterology and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any gastroenterology practice.

The NextGen Office gastroenterology EHR software comes pre-loaded with templates that let you quickly and easily chart on the go. The user friendly interface is customizable to fit your specific gastroenterological needs. NextGen Office EHR also offers eloquent integration with billing and patient management – so you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew.


Gastroenterology Features


  • Care plans for common gastrointestinal disorders

  • Chief complaints including pre- and post-procedures like endoscopy, screening and diagnostic colonoscopy, cholecystectomy, hemorrhoidectomy and hernia repair

  • Procedure note for gastric band adjustment

  • Import patient medication history

  • Order and track lab tests and panels

  • MACRA/MIPS Ready!
NextGen Office cloud based EMR for Gastroenterology



Infectious Disease


Our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any infectious disease clinic.

NextGen Office infectious disease EHR offers an iPad native, intuitive interface at the touch of a fingertip – so patient care can remain your primary focus. Designed to function like a doctor, NextGen Office goes above and beyond what competitors have to offer in the field of infectious disease EHR software.


Infectious Disease EHR Features


  • Care plans for common infectious diseases
  • Track and compare lab results in chart or graph format
  • Access charts at the point of care
  • Integrated EGR system for built-in Meaningful Use
  • Import patient medication history
  • Non-obtrusive reminders for preventive care
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for Infectious-Disease





Our strong focus on neurology and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any neurologist.

The high level of complexity in dealing with the human nervous system requires a neurology EHR software that neurologists can rely on. NextGen Office EHR was created by doctors for doctors, and is designed to think like you do. It comes pre-loaded with features geared specifically towards neurologists and others in the field of neurology, and it is highly customizable to fit the needs of any individual doctor or practice.


Neurology Features
  • Built-in neurology physical exam designed for touchscreen – fast and simple
  • Easily review radiology reports while documenting the current encounter
  • Chief compliant forms for dizziness, headaches, gait disturbance and so much more
  • Referral letters are a tap of the fingertip away
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for neurology



Orthopedic Medicine


Our strong focus on orthopedics and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any orthopedic practice.

We understand the fast-paced practice of orthopedics and have taken steps to ease the stress for you – so you don’t have to. NextGen Office orthopedic EHR software comes pre-loaded with orthopedic templates and care plans that help support an efficient patient flow and safe clinical encounters.

The included MediDraw feature makes it easy to draw on a picture of a patient finding – either on a photo of the patient or an anatomical outline image. And compared to competitors – you get NextGen Office  EHR for a fracture of the price.

There are many electronic medical record companies that offer EHR technology like ours. What separates us from the rest is the unique EHR features that we have specially developed for orthopedic surgeons in order to help them perform at their best, no matter how complex or stressful the situation is. The NextGen Office  software solutions by HealthFusion gives you the chance to have everything you need whenever, wherever. Just a single touch allows you to create your own visuals, gain access to orthopedic templates, care plans and other important information that can assist you in providing the best care for your patient.


Orthopedic Features


  • Dictation ready with Dragon Dictate in any text field
  • Meaningful Use compliant out of the box
  • iPad native and ready to move when you move
  • Pre-loaded with orthopedic specific terminology
nextgen office cloud based emr for orthopedics



Sports Medicine


Our strong focus on sports medicine and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any sports medicine physician.

When dealing with prevention and treatment of sports related injuries, it can be challenging to find an EHR that understands the importance of focusing on the patient first. Created by doctors for doctors, NextGen Office represents a new ball game in sports medicine EHR software – with features specific to sports related medicine.

For the patient always on the run, the NextGen Office sports medicine EHR interface is designed to work right off the bat to help maximize physical health outcomes.


Sports Medicine EHR Benefits


  • Quickly access charts, schedules, and patient reports
  • Automatic Meaningful Use integration
  • Award-winning features and customer service
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for sports-medicine



Physical Therapy


Our preloaded templates and unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any physical medicine and rehab practice.

As a nerve, muscle, and bone expert, you know the importance of every part of the body working together for optimized movement and enhanced performance. NextGen Office physical medicine and rehab EHR software works based on those same principles. We put effort into the details, creating a cloud-based tool that will help your physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic run smoothly. This way you can put more focus on what really moves your clinic – your patients.

NextGen Office EHR comes pre-loaded with features specifically designed to meet the needs unique to the physical medicine and rehab practice. The iPad native interface is optimized for fingertip touch and lets you chart and ePrescribe at the point of care.  NextGen Office also comes pre-loaded with customizable templates, documentation, and care plans specifically designed for the physical medicine and rehab practice – all to an affordable price that holds its own in a competitor comparison.

NextGen Office - cloud based emr for  physical therapy





Our strong focus on pulmonology and our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any pulmonologist.

As a pulmonologist, your needs are different than those of a primary care physician. NextGen Office pulmonology EHR software understands this, and is designed to be completely customizable to suit your specific process.

Whether treating or managing pneumonia, tuberculosis, or emphysema, with NextGen Office EHR you always have easy on-the-go access to charts, medical history, and lab results – and you can ePrescribe at the touch of a fingertip. Spend less time behind a computer screen, and more time in front of your patients. NextGen Office - cloud based emr for pulmonary





Our unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific workflow makes NextGen Office a great choice for any surgical center.

We understand that surgery is one of the most high-risk and complicated medical disciplines out there, and we want to help make your life easier. NextGen Office EHR offers a number of cutting edge features specifically designed to streamline surgical charting and scheduling, using a system that mimics how you were trained to chart.

The NextGen Office surgery EHR allows you to access important information on the go, without the need for a bulky computer screen to come between you and your patients.


Surgery Features


  • Pre and post procedure chief complaints and care plans
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Quick access to patient charts and information
  • Easily customizable to meet your anticipations
  • Pre-loaded templates geared towards your specific needs
  • Accessible wherever there is an internet connection
NextGen Office - cloud based emr for surgery



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