As a Practice Partner, Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD user, you will need to know all of the very important upcoming dates in 2019!

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January 1st - For Providers participating in MIPS 2019, the 2019 QPP Quality reporting has already begun! You'll want to make sure you've signed up for MIPS consulting services and are working on improving your Quality Data in your software!


June 30th - This is the recommended deadline for all users to upgrade their software to the new 11.2 version. The new version is 2015 Certified, which is a requirement for MIPS in 2019!


July 9th - E-MDs will no longer support SQL Server 2008 R2


September 30th - This date begins the last possible day to begin MIPS Promoting Interoperability, MIPS improvement Activities and meet the minimum 90-day reporting for QPP Practice Partner 11.2 and the new Updox patient portal. Both 11.2 and Updox Patient Portal must be installed and running successfully by October 1st to meet MIPS in 2019. 


October 1st - This is our deadline to get MIPS Providers signed up with Clinigence Reporting so that they can pull Quality Data from your software.


December 31st - SCRIPT 2017 Deadline Requires Practice Partner 11.2 . Users will be required to use the E-Prescribing utility called ExpressScripts. 


January 1st, 2020 - TLS 1.2 Security Protocol Deadline and also the End of Support for 2008 Windows Server R2. 



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If you have any questions about any of the upcoming events or if you need Practice Partner Support please feel free to Contact Us.

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