AVS Medical announces Aria Health Services Line for Healthcare Organizations to Reduce Administrative Burdens and Save Time

At HIMSS 2019 our RCM partner, eMDs unveiled Aria Health Services. The expanded offering, provides healthcare organizations of all sizes with access to a deep pool of resources to support their revenue cycle management (RCM), credentialing and enrollment operations. Aria will allow clients to reduce the administrative burden, complexity and disruption that these normally time-intensive and detail-oriented tasks require—allowing organizations to focus instead on patient care and outcomes.

Aria Health Services - the Aria Health Services line includes:


aria rcm

Aria RCM, which leverages existing technology, ensuring cleaner claims and faster collections through streamlined and highly automated workflows, while offering practices control over their data with complete transparency into the process.

Aria Credential, which is a credentials verification service with an expert team providing Primary Source Verification of your qualified health care providers for participation in various organizations to make sure that credentialing is completed accurately to minimize coverage and legal exposure issues.

Aria Enroll, which works with nearly any payer, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers, to organize and prepare the detailed information needed to maintain enrollment with health plans at a fraction of the time and cost of doing so in-house.

“Aria Health Services is the culmination of decades of experience providing best-in-class services to thousands of clients,” said Derek Pickell, eMDs CEO. “Whether you are a large healthcare organization, a small physician practice or a managed services provider, we know that every customer’s needs are unique. Our proven approach, technology-backed methods and dedication to strong partnerships are unmatched. We meet the needs of your organization so your providers can focus on what’s important—healthier patients.”

About AVS Medical: AVS Medical is a premier business partner of eMDs and provides the eMDs RCM services along with EHR and PM software to medical practices and healthcare organizations of all sizes nationally.


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