Virtual care isn’t going anywhere, in fact patient’s are now expecting it and are assuming their providers can deliver. Learn about how the tools in the NextGen Office Patient Portal can help.

Virtual healthcare is no longer about convenience and choice. It now plays an essential role in expanding access and safety for patients and providers alike. A robust patient portal that supports activities, such as appointment scheduling, pre-visit documentation, virtual visits, and Rx refills, helps ensure secure and effective care delivery.

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed nationwide initiatives to lift policy barriers on telehealth. As the pandemic curve flattens and life returns to normal, the virtual practice will likely stay and play a prominent role in how the staff operates, and how providers and patients engage.

Healthcare is evolving to a point where virtual capabilities will be as standardized as your in-office workflows. This presents numerous opportunities for your staff to reduce busy work and devote more time to patient care.

Satisfy Patient Demand  using the NextGen Patient Portal

The NextGen Office Premium Patient Portal allows your patients to perform a variety of functions that reduce provider and staff time while at the same time providing your patient's a safe and convenient way to interact with your office, including telemedicine visits.

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Using the NextGen Office cloud based patient portal your patients can interact with you and your practice from virtually anywhere on any device, computer, tablet, smartphone etc.

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Patients can quickly and securely complete the following: 

Patient Registration Documents:
Present patients with your standard forms for them to view and e-sign on the portal. They can download a copy for their files and your copy is automatically stored in the patient's chart. Create your own custom forms to gather information important to you.
Once they complete the forms they're automatically stored as structured data in the patient's EHR record.

Patient Payments:
If your patients have an outstanding patient responsibility or a visit co-pay they can pay their outstanding amount with a credit card. The payment is then automatically updated in their account.

Appointment Check In:
Patients can check in for their appointment from their phone, or a tablet/kiosk in your waiting room. You can create custom check in processes specific to the visit type. You may have one workflow for new patients and a different workflow for follow ups. Patients can be presented with different questions, forms etc.
Patients can complete appointment specific intake forms prior to the visit, fully customizable. You can easily create custom check in processes for specific visit types. Data that patients enter can be confirmed by the provider before they become part of their EHR record.

Schedule an Appointment: 
You can allow patients to schedule their own appointments (you can turn this off if you wish). You can set aside certain days and times on your schedule to allow patient self scheduling.
Telemedicine Built In:
HIPAA secure voice and video telemedicine built in. Click here to see a recent blog post on NextGen Office’s HIPAA secure telemedicine app. If the Appointment Type that the patient is scheduled for is set to Telemedicine, once the patient enters the information you've required them to provide the telemedicine visit will start. You have full voice and video directly in your NextGen Office EHR. No other 3rd party software or add ons are needed.

Review and Update Medical Information:
Patient's have the ability to add to or update their histories, medications, allergies etc. Once they do that information is automatically added to their chart saving the practice staff and provider time documenting the patient encounter.

RX Refill Requests: Request specific medication refills

Flow Sheets/Health Logs: The practice can easily create specific types of flow sheets or health logs that you'd like to have patients fill in online. This is a great tool for tracking blood sugars, blood pressures etc. You can create virtually any type of flow sheet you'd like and have the patient add to it from the portal.

Securely Message Providers or Staff: Securely message providers and or staff. Patients can securely email the practice via the portal. Messages to providers can be directed to office staff instead of directly to the provider. Once received messages can be easily responded to, and or forwarded to others within the practice. You can also create Tasks for staff from a patient's message. 

Practice Announcements: You can create Practice Alerts that inform your patients of important changes and updates to your practice.  This is a very useful tool, especially during time like these where you may need to inform patients of important changes, closings, new safety protocols etc.

Customizable Appointment Reminders: The practice can create email and or text message reminders that are sent to patients on a schedule determined by the practice. As an example you can specify that an email and or a text is sent 2 days prior to the appointment and then again 24 hours prior to the appointment. This dramatically reduces no-shows and late viNextGen Office Text Reminder and Responsesits. Once the patient responds to the text or email they receive a confirming message and a link to add it to their personal calendar.
.                         NextGen Office Email Reminder and Response

The current COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges and hurdles for medical practices to provide the level and quality of care that their patients demand in a safe and convenient fashion. The NextGen Office patient portal is a powerful tool designed to meet these challenges.
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