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Virtual Waiting Room in NextGen Office

By AVS Medical on Thu, Jul 30, 2020

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Virtual Waiting room in NextGen Office cloud based EHR is now available

The Virtual Waiting Room feature is now available in the NextGen Office EHR/PM, powered by Doctible. Screen your patients for COVID-19 automatically and get their health status prior to arrival.

Patients need to feel safe when visiting your office. The new Doctible Virtual Waiting Room in NextGen Office makes this happen. All of the pre-arrival tasks are automated and efficient - both for your staff and your patients.


Practices need to adapt to the contactless era to ensure patient and staff safety. Doctible allows practices to perform all pre-arrival tasks effectively and control the flow of patients to the practice in an efficient manner.



How it Works

Virtual Waiting Room slide deck_Phone1

1. Automated Pre-Arrival Health Questionnaire
Patient receives a text message from your practice 24 hours prior to their appointment with a link to a fill out a health questionnaire that is customizable to your practice. The text also informs them of new practice protocols or notifications.





2. Health Questionnaire Completed
Patient completes questionnaire and responses to the patient are automated and may change depending on how the patient answered the questions

NextGen Office virtual waiting room health questionnaire

3. Patient Health Status Ticker Updated
Doctible dashboard is automatically updated with the patient's health status and is available for review by the staff

NextGen Office Virtual Waiting Room Dashboard_Arrival Indicator

4. Patient Arrival Indicator
Patient receives a text message 1 hour prior to their appointment to confirm if they've not developed any new symptoms . If patient indicates that they have not , then the patient sends a text to indicate they have arrived and Doctible arrival tracker is updated on the dashboard

NextGen Office Virtual Waiting Room Text Msg 1 Hr Prior to appt

5. Ready for Patient
Once your staff is ready , they can easily click on the patient's name to notify them that they are ready to be seen. The patient can then come in the office. Friendly instructions are automatically included

NextGen Office Virtual Waiting Room Dashboard_Ready for Patient

                     Download the complete slide deck here

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus have created a unique set of problems for today's busy medical practices. Providers must find a way to continue to see and treat patients that protects the patient, the provider and the office staff.

The new Virtual Waiting Room tool found in the cloud based EHR, NextGen Office provides a unique solution to deal with these challenges, safely and effectively.

To learn more about the Virtual Waiting Room tool or NextGen Office EHR please contact us by clicking the button below.


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