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CGM MEDISOFT is a trusted and affordable practice management solution that simplifies the way you run your practice. With each release, CGM MEDISOFT gets better. More powerful. Every year, we add new layers of functionality and usability.


Discover some of the benefits of upgrading to CGM MEDISOFT V28.

eMEDIX For Patient Statements

By using eMEDIX for your patient statements, your practice management software and clearinghouse come together under one roof with CompuGroup Medical. Patient statements are fully integrated with CGM MEDISOFT v28—no more logging in to third-party websites to view statements! Designed to be familiar and easy to use, providers can preview statements before transmission. Review them from within CGM MEDISOFT v28 to answer any patient questions.

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Daily Appointment and Activity Review

With this new review of charges, patient payment and collection activity, providers and practice managers are quickly alerted to possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed copays, and claims that were not billed.

Providers can measure several core metrics to quickly identify if their practice is meeting collection goals such as expected copays at the time of service or billing for missed

Practices can identify their percentage of missed appointments and discover if the CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship
Management option could help reduce that no-show rate.

Run this user-friendly appointment and activity review daily or whenever they routinely enter payments and charges.

daily review

Patient Responsibility Estimate

Deliver better service at the point of care with the eMEDIX Patient Responsibility Estimate. Provide a good-faith cost estimate for planned procedures by quickly running a patient’s insurance eligibility for the planned procedure codes. Save time with pre-configured MultiLink Codes for common procedure bundles.

This integrated feature includes an estimate display within CGM MEDISOFT v28 where the user can make any patient or insurance adjustments for coverage, copays, coinsurance, remaining deductibles, etc.

Past payments and charge histories are factored in to provide a more accurate estimate. Providers can print and save patient estimates and have the option to tailor them with customizable messaging.


Streamlined Claim Management

Managing rejected claims is even easier with CGM MEDISOFT v28.

Users can now add a resubmission code for the specific claims in question through the Claim Management screen.

The claim-specific resubmission code reduces the chance of being rejected for duplicate claims and could help them be processed even faster.

The old method of applying the code to an entire case is still available, so providers can go with the workflow that works best for them.

claim management

How Does Medisoft V28 Compare?

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