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  • Is there a fee for cloud hosting or cloud access?

    No, we are a 100% cloud based software with no fee for cloud hosting or cloud access. 

  • Is there a fee for migration of existing EHR data?

    Yes, one option is a $500 fee for Demographics and Insurance profiles only. 

    The other option is a $4,000 Clinical Data Conversion Fee. 

    This option allows us to migrate the following data into NextGen Office  for you. It will be the client's responsibility to acquire the data from their current vendor. Once received, we will migrate the following in bulk into NextGen Office. We are willing to extract the data from your current software if the software vendor makes the raw data available to us. 

    • Patient's Charts (CCDA files)
    • Encounter notes/Chart notes
    • Scanned Documents/ Chart Attachments (ex: lab results)
    • Patient Demographics
    • Patient Insurance Profiles

    The patient charts will populate into NextGen Office properly, meaning the Problem List will be in the NextGen Office Problem List, Allergies will be in the Allergy List, Medical History, Etc, as long as your current vendor can export the CCDA files. Chart/Encounter notes will be converted to a read-only format where necessary and made available in the Administrative Tab of the respective patient chart labeled by chief complaint and date. Other multimedia (scans, attachments, etc.) will be imported in the format provided with current document names in your current vendor EHR and will be in the documents section in the respective patient charts. 

  • What Clearinghouse does NextGen Office use?

    HealthFusion is the Clearinghouse that NextGen Office Uses. The company originated as a clearinghouse in 1998 and then built the practice management and EHR system around the clearinghouse foundation.

  • Do you have an integrated Practice Management and Billing System and is there an additional fee above and beyond the EHR fee?

    Yes, we are an all-in-one EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal, and Clearinghouse. Our monthly fees include all software, clearinghouse fees, award winning customer support and updates.

  • Is there a fee for Tech Support or for Training?

    All Training and Tech Support fees are included in your monthly fee. Training is conducted online via one-on-one instructor led training, daily webinars and online videos and documents. 

  • What if I don't like your system? Is there a Refund, or Can we "test drive" it?

    We offer month to month contracts if you are not comfortable enough to sign up for the 12 month contract.

  • How quickly will technical support respond to a concern or complaint?

    We are the only EHR and PM company in the industry to be recognized by JD Powers and Associates for excellent customer support. You can call our call center anytime Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM EST. The average hold time is under 2 minutes. Our goal is to resolve your question on that call. We also have web support through our Success Community, where you can log a case. Turnaround time for a web case is 48 hours. 

  • Is there a fee for your Patient Education Model and what source do you use?

    There is No fee for the patient education model. We use two different sources. One from Elsevier and the second from s

  • Is there a fee for your Patient Portal and Can a patient make and appointment through the portal?

    No there isn't an additional fee for the patient porta The premium portal offers several interactive features for your practice to offer. Below are many of the features that you can choose to either activate or deactivate when you have the premium package. 

    • Advanced Account Management - Patients can edit demographics and insurance information
    • Advanced Appointment Features, Setup and Configuration -
      • Request an Appointment - Patients can submit an appointment request for a given time frame
      • Schedule an Appointment - Patients can schedule their own appointment on the calendar. 
      • Appointment Check-In - Patients can complete the chief complaint, review of systems, etc. prior to arriving to their visit. 
    • Advanced Medical Records Management - Patients can add to their medical records, allergies, medications, etc. NOTE: Clinical information will be in pending status and must be accepted by the provider's office staff before it is officially part of the medical record. 
    • Telemedicine - Patients can request an e-visit. Providers can conduct an online encounter for routing medical problems using chat or video conferencing. This feature does require the configuration of e-visit terms of service and establishing an e-visit fee. 
    • Health Maintenance - Displays the health maintenance measure status on the portal. 
    • Health Logs - Patients can enter data into a flow sheet via the portal. 
    • Hide Office Visits - Providers can hide the office visits menu from the portal. Patients would not be able to view encounter notes. 
    • Patient Documents - Patients can view chart documents that have been flagged and made available on the portal. 
    • Patient Payments - Patients can submit payments for copays, statement balances, etc. This feature requires the credit card processing service.
    • Patient Statements - Patients can see their current balance on the portal.
    • Rx Refill Requests - Patients can submit refill requests through the portal. 
    • Store - Providers can set up an online store to promote specific products or product categories for patients to purchase from Amazon, and earn commission on those sales. 

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