Enhanced prescription capabilities in NextGen Office will help prevent the illegal acquisition of controlled substances from multiple sources

Irvine, Calif.— [July 16, 2019] – NextGen Healthcare, Inc. the leading provider of ambulatory-focused technology solutions, announced today that it has integrated Appriss Health prescription monitoring and tracking analytics into NextGen® Office, the company’s cloud-based EMR software. These enhanced capabilities enable providers to more effectively prescribe and dispense controlled substances. The technology also maximizes patient health and safety by checking state records for controlled substances prescribed by multiple providers for an individual patient, all within one system at the point of care.

“The U.S. is experiencing an opioid epidemic that is devastating families,” said Rusty Frantz, Chief Executive Officer, NextGen Healthcare. “As a responsible healthcare information technology leader, NextGen partnered with Appriss Health to ensure small practice providers using NextGen Office can more effectively identify, prevent and manage substance use disorder.”

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, of U.S. residents abusing controlled substances, 20% source their supply from a prescriber and 2% from multiple doctors. With the integration of Appriss Health, NextGen Office now:

  • Connects providers with 40 prescription drug monitoring programs that contain comprehensive controlled substance dispensation information in those states and helps ensure proper prescribing

  • Provides comprehensive industry analytics to enable opioid stewardship strategies, identify patients at risk for adverse events, and facilitate early intervention and improved clinical outcomes

  • In some areas, alerts authorities to negative prescriber and patient behaviors for more timely and effective response

The Appriss Health PMP Gateway platform is live in healthcare entities in 40 states and processes more than 50 million transactions per month in partnership with 130+ EHR and pharmacy management systems vendors.

“We are pleased to partner with NextGen Healthcare on this important integration initiative,” said Rob Cohen, President of Appriss Health. “PMP Gateway cost-effectively integrates PDMP information and more into clinical workflow. Smaller providers are often overlooked when it comes to integration and interoperability. NextGen Office and Appriss Health together ensures these providers receive the critical tools and information needed to improve patient outcomes.”

Friendswood Family Medicine, a community health center in Friendswood, Texas, has served many patients with a wide variety of needs—including those struggling with substance use disorders. Glenn Orsak, MD recognized that proper prescription management was needed to secure the best possible clinical outcomes for their patients.

“Technology is a critical tool in providing quality care to our patients, and NextGen Office is our solution of choice".

With the addition of smart prescription tracking, we now can identify patients with critical issues and have candid conversations while they are still sitting in the office. We can then successfully develop comprehensive care plans to better address the needs of the whole patient,” said Dr. Orsak.

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