Dear Practice Partner, Medisoft Clinical, and Lytec MD Users,

Many of you have been part of the Practice Partner/Medisoft Clinical/Lytec MD (“Practice Partner”) family for decades. Over that time the landscape of the EHR market and regulatory requirements have changed dramatically. CGM (CompuGroup Medical), the owners of Practice Partner/Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD, have made considerable investments into these programs to keep them compliant with regulations in the last 6 years.


We are now moving into the next phase of regulations. The additional 21st Century Cures Act requirements for EHRs come into effect on January 1st, 2023. These regulations have very significant additional requirements and as a result, CompuGroup Medical has decided it will not pursue Cures Act updates to Practice Partner’s ONC certification moving forward. Practice Partner will no longer be considered an ONC 2015 Edition Certified EHR after 12/31/2022. This affects customers’ ability to meet the 2023 MIPS Promoting Interoperability and Clinical Quality Measures (“CQMs”) reporting requirements.


If you are a customer that is currently or planning to participate in the MIPS or other programs that require 2015 Edition Certification in 2023, we are encouraging you to move to a certified solution as soon as possible. 


  • To comply with MIPS Promoting Interoperability standards you must migrate your EHR with sufficient time to accumulate a successful 90-day reporting period in 2023.  We strongly recommend that your transition plan allows ample time for you to implement and become familiar with your new EHR to submit successfully in 2023.
  • If customers are reporting CQMs, you should plan for them to be implemented with sufficient time to meet the 70% data completeness threshold, or make arrangements to help them report through a registry that can aggregate the data from two separate EHR systems.


CGM has a different EHR/PM solution, Aprima, that is or will be certified to the 2015 Cures Edition Certification and they are committed to helping you ensure a smooth transition to Aprima. Their commitment includes:


  • Price parity to ensure customers’ annual maintenance fees do not increase for like-to-like software
  • Ensuring their current interfaces managed through CGM are set up and functional with APRIMA  
  • A robust clinical and demographic data migration at no cost to our customers


Additionally AVS has different EHR/PM cloud based solutions that you may want to consider. 


If you are not participating in any other programs that require certification, you do not need to move softwares.


We know these changes come with challenges. As a relationship-driven company that looks forward to continuing our long-term partnership with you as our customers, we are committed to helping guide you through a transition to a new solution and would love to discuss all of your available options with you. We also understand that you are likely to have a lot of questions about certification requirements and we will be updating you with all the information possible as we receive it and are always available to discuss these questions via phone or email. 

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Our number one goal is to minimize disruption to you, your practices, and your patients!

Your partner,

AVS Medical

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