Calling all podiatrists! - Looking to get a step ahead for MIPS in 2020? NextGen Healthcare has partnered with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as its preferred EHR vendor.

We have worked with APMA to integrate NextGen Office EHR/PM,  a cloud based Podiatry EHR solution with the APMA MIPS app and Registry. The APMA MIPS app and Registry are free APMA member benefits; however, for a fee, APMA non-members can take advantage of these resources as well. The next registration deadline for the APMA MIPS app and Registry is December 13. To learn more about the APMA MIPS app and Registry and how to register, review our FAQs below:

APMA Registry FAQ
Have questions about the APMA Registry?
NextGen® Office has partnered with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) to provide our podiatrists a direct connection between our EHR and the APMA MIPS app and Registry.

What are the APMA Registry and APMA MIPS app?
The APMA Registry is an online repository of data designed to help build the evidence base around podiatric medicine and surgery. The data collected in the APMA Registry helps support legislative-, regulatory-, and research-related efforts.

NextGen Office has integrated with the APMA Registry. As a provider who enrolls in the APMA Registry, you are able to monitor your MIPS score using the APMA MIPS app. The APMA MIPS app enables you to track your performance and submit data directly from the app to CMS for MIPS Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities. The integration between the APMA Registry and NextGen Office offers podiatrists more flexibility in reporting options and seamless transmission to CMS.

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Note: The APMA MIPS app does not replace tracking MIPS with the NextGen Office MIPS Dashboard and Health Maintenance for enrolled providers. The APMA MIPS app offers the ability to track more measures and increases the likelihood of submitting a higher overall score. APMA MIPS app users should leverage the app and the MIPS dashboard together.

What is the difference between the APMA Registry and NextGen Office Quality Reporting?
NextGen Office does encounter-based reporting using electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs), and providers are required to submit their own data to CMS. NextGen Office clients can submit/upload their eCQM data (in the form of a NextGen Office-provided QRDA III file) to the APMA MIPS app for analysis and submission to CMS.

The APMA MIPS app also supports the submission of clinical quality measures (CQMs, formerly known as Registry measures).

Clients can use the APMA MIPS app to evaluate any and all eCQM and CQM data to determine their best measures to submit to CMS. They can compare their performance to that of other physicians. Additionally, the provider’s data can flow directly from the APMA MIPS app to CMS.
The APMA plans to use the data provided to its registry to advocate on behalf of its members and other registry participants to support positive regulatory changes for the podiatric community.

Do I still need to monitor my electronic clinical quality measures in NextGen Office?
Yes. You should monitor your eCQMs in NextGen Office using the MIPS Dashboard tools . After the reporting period ends, you can upload your QDRA III file to the APMA MIPS app and compare your performance with other providers. You can then choose your top measures in order to send the best possible score to CMS. Contact NextGen Office Client Support for assistance in downloading the QDRA III, if needed.

How do I sign up for the APMA Registry?
You can visit the APMA website for detailed instructions on how to sign up for the APMA Registry. The APMA Registry is a free benefit for members; however, non members may join as well. You are provided information on your APMA MIPS app account once you have been approved to use the APMA Registry. To see complete information on the APMA website, a member must log in. Nonmembers should email

Do I need to be an APMA member to join the registry?
No. The APMA invites nonmembers to join its registry for a fee. However, the APMA Registry is an APMA member benefit, along with many other services and resources. A podiatrist can contact the APMA to learn more about member benefits or visit To inquire about the registry only, nonmembers should email

At a high level, what are some benefits of membership?
Advocacy on behalf of the podiatric profession
Access to APMA health insurance solutions
Access to the APMA Registry free of charge
Continuing education for providers
Public education about foot health and the education, training, and experience podiatrists
Patient education materials to provide in your office
Education on how to manage your practice
Leadership development
Extensive discounts on products and services from APMA’s partner organizations
A podiatrist can contact APMA to learn more about member benefits ( or visit

Do I need to activate anything in NextGen Office to benefit from the APMA Registry?
As a provider, you do not need to activate anything within NextGen Office to turn the integration on, but you do need to register with the APMA Registry as mentioned above.

Note: Certain parts of a provider’s clinical documentation is used to calculate performance within the APMA MIPS app. If you have questions about the necessary documentation for podiatry-specific measures or other registry-based measures, APMA is the best resource for assisting with these questions. You can email

Should I see anything regarding registry measures in Health Maintenance or the MIPS Dashboard?
No. The registry measures are recorded in the APMA MIPS app. You must sign in to the APMA MIPS app to see your performance. APMA MIPS app scores are updated weekly. You should use Health Maintenance to monitor the practice's eCQMs in unison with the APMA MIPS app as mentioned above.

Where do I log in to the APMA MIPS app to review my scores after I am registered?
You log in to the APMA MIPS app. If you are not an APMA member, email

How do I know if I am live in the APMA Registry?
You will receive an automated email with your APMA MIPS app account information once you have been approved to use the APMA Registry. If you already have an APMA Registry account or you are not sure, you can email for assistance.

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