The NextGen Office integration with Appriss Health will enable providers to check their state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Database with out leaving the system. Utilizing a PDMP integration will save providers time and lead to an overall better provider experience. 

You may be asking, "What is a PDMP?"

A PDMP is an electronic database that tracks controlled substance prescriptions in a state. PDMPs can provide health authorities timely information about prescribing and patient behaviors that contribute to the epidemic and facilitate a nimble and targeted response. (Source: CDC)

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Who is Appriss Health?

Appriss Health acts as a clearinghouse for PDMP access into EHRs for states with their own PDMP and develops PDMP databases for other states. The main benefit is that Appriss Health handles the integration of the state database with EHRs to save providers time.

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Why is the Appriss Health integration important?

Currently, providers are required to check these databases to prescribe Schedule 2 medications, specifically opioids. The lack of an integration causes providers to leave our software and look this information up in a separate software. The integration will save providers time and lead to a better provider experience.


Is there a cost for this integration?

We are not charging for this integration, however, Appriss Health does charge the provider if they are in a non-funded state. More details to come upon release.

  • Funded states: Some states sponsor the integration and the provider is not responsible
  • Non-funded states: The provider must directly contract with Appriss Health



What do I get with the Appriss Health connection?

  • Every state Appriss Health works with sponsors the PDMP report.
  • Depending on the state, they may get the NarxCase score. The NarxCare score takes the patient's medication history and determines the liability of overdosing or identifies potential abusers.
    • If supported in the state and the state does not fund NarxCare score, you can choose to add on this feature.
    • You can ask Appriss Health about this feature.


After setup is complete, how does the feature work?

When the prescriber with valid credentials lands in Medication List, we send a request to Appriss Health for the NarxCare scores and PDMP report.

  • The prescriber MUST have the correct location (with NPI) in context from the top toolbar in EHR.
  • It may take 5–7 seconds, on average, to get a response.
    • It can take up to 30 seconds depending on the state.
    • If not needed, the prescriber can continue with their normal workflow.
  • Selecting the report opens it in a new tab (user must enable pop-ups).
  • We will populate the PDMP Report module on the screen.
    • The PDMP report will always populate (unless Appriss Health returns an error).
    • The NarxCare score will populate if active in the state and the provider has it enabled.
      • You can ask Appriss Health about availability for the office.
  • If we receive an error response from Appriss Health, the appropriate message will appear explaining the nature of the error.


Integrating PDMP checking into our cloud based NextGen Office EHR gives prescribers real time access to information to identify and prevent substance abuse. Further reducing the administrative burden on providers and improving patient outcomes. 


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