In case you missed it, AVS Medical, along with their partners at e-MDs, hosted a webinar on September 18th to help all different types of practice management software users dig deep into their revenue cycle and take look at how they can utilize new strategies to prevent future claim denials. Ryann Philpott, the eMDs RCM manager, shared her wealth of knowledge on claim denials and how to prevent them before they even happen!

Some topics that were discussed in the webinar were;


  • The Top 10 Coding & Billing Related Errors


  • How the Front Office Staff can help reduce Claim Rejections


  • What to look for when checking patient information and insurance cards


  • Utilizing Electronic Insurance Eligibility


  • Proper Referrals and Authorizations


  • Coding to the Highest level of Specificity


  • Ensuring Timely Filing


  • Avoiding Duplicates


  • Ensuring all of your documentation is in order


  • Customer Case Studies


Whether you’re doing your own billing in house or have been considering outsourcing to a revenue cycle team, this webinar is for you!

If you'd like to view or download the Webinar slides. Please Click Here!

Below is the full Denial Prevention Webinar Recording!



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