The new Practice Partner, Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD version 11.2 includes the new Enterprise RX functionality. Providing you with an improved and easier workflow for managing patient medications, prescribing new medications, an entirely new refill process, recording allergies and adding and changing pharmacies.

We’ve put together this list of short videos to assist you in learning how to use these new tools.

Video 1- PPC Overview of the Rx Worklist

In this video you’ll be introduced to the new eRX Worklist. The eRX Worklist will be used to view and manage pending prescriptions and refills. The Worklist is accessible from the Practice Partner toolbar.


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Video 2 - PPC Enterprise RX and the Medication Window

In this video you’ll be introduced to the changes that have been made to the Medication and Allergy windows. You’ll learn the new workflow to record and edit medications and allergies and learn how to send an electronic prescription from the Medication window.


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Video 3 - PPC Prescribing with Formulary and Therapeutic Alternatives

In this video you’ll learn how to prescribe a new medication then use the automatic formulary checking to choose a different medication based on payer preferred or therapeutic alternatives.


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Video 4 - PPC Prescribing and Rx Fill Messages

This video reviews the steps of prescribing a medication and the RX Fill message.


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Video 5 - PPC Recording a Medication in the Patient’s Chart

This video presents how to record a medication in the patient’s chart, how to use the micro-health summary and the pharmacy list.


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Video 6 - PPC Modifying a Medication

This video will show you the steps to modify an existing medication.


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Video 7 - PPC Approving an Rx Change Request with a Replacement Medication

This video will demonstrate the process how access an RX change request, how to respond to an RX request and most importantly how to approve or deny a change request.


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Video 8 - PPC Managing Allergies and Adverse Reactions

In this video you’ll learn how to use the new allergy module.


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If you have questions or issues with the Enterprise Rx Module, please create a ticket with us by emailing your issue to Or  Contact Us!

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