According to recent studies the top 3 things that providers find to be the least satisfying aspects of practicing medicine are:

58% - Regulatory Paperwork Burden

32% - Erosion of Clinical Autonomy 

57% - Inefficient EHR design and interoperability


And in addition:

46% or physicians are feeling burnt out 

49% of physicians’ office hours are spent using an EHR and other desk work 

Reduce busy work with the cloud based NextGen Office EHR productivity tools

Before the Patient Visit

    • Enable patients to schedule appointments online.
    • Save time with eligibility checks, and patient and productivity reports.
    • Easily manage patient charts online.
    • Let patients refill prescriptions online.
    • Directly message patients online.

Check In

  • Save time by enabling patients to complete forms online.
  • Reduce data entry.
  • Avoid paperwork hassles.
  • Quickly review upcoming appointments.


    • Tailor your workflows to your needs.
    • Save time searching for data, images, and studies
    • Dictate, transcribe, and virtually scribe clinical notes.shutterstock_147604250


  • Save time by letting patients pay online.
  • Easily communicate with other providers.
  • Securely send patient education and lab results.



With these time, resource-, and energy-saving capabilities, your practice can make strides in alleviating the ongoing concern of physician and staff burnout using the NextGen® Office solution.






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Written by AVS Medical