eMDs EnterpriseRx 3.0 Prescribing Solution One of the First to Earn NCPDP SCRIPT v.2017071 Certification

The SCRIPT 2017 standard improves patient safety, prescription accuracy, and workflow efficiency between healthcare providers and pharmacies

Austin, TX, June 4, 2019 – eMDs is pleased to announce that its EnterpriseRx 3.0 prescribing solution has now been certified by Surescripts for both E-Prescribing 6.1 and Medication History 3.0 messages as meeting the National Council for Prescription Drug Program’s (NCPDP) SCRIPT Standard v2017071. eMDs is one of the first vendors in the industry to achieve this certification.




By law, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that all providers transmitting electronic prescriptions must be using the SCRIPT 2017 by January 1, 2020. By certifying well in advance of the deadline, users of the latest versions of eMDs Solution Series, eMDs Practice Partner and eMDs Plus can be assured that their systems, which use the EnterpriseRx 3.0 prescribing tools, now meet the standards. Additionally, this early certification enables eMDs customers to have sufficient time to prepare for and work through the transition to SCRIPT 2017, which enforces significantly more rigid data standards in order to improve patient safety and more efficient workflows. eMDs continues to provide ongoing education to its customers to help them understand these required changes and how it will impact patient care and their operations.

The SCRIPT 2017 standard improves patient safety and prescription accuracy while making workflows between prescribers and pharmacists more efficient. New features will benefit eMDs customers by reducing confusion and replacing manual processes. Examples include:

  • More efficient options for managing prescriptions including changes, cancels, whether a prescription has been filled, and even pharmacy transfers electronically, saving on telephone time and other manual processes – giving physicians more time to focus on patients. 
  • Prescriptions with complex dosing instructions can be sent electronically.
  • Medication dispense records included in the medication response will be populated more consistently with more comprehensive data, thereby providing a more complete record.

eMDs customers also can be assured that their adoption of the SCRIPT 2017 standard means they will meet the requirements to maintain legal and regulatory compliance as mandated by CMS.

“For healthcare providers, regulatory compliance is critical,” said Derek Pickell, eMDs Chief Executive Officer. “eMDs continues to invest in both regulation and the modernization of EHRs. Our new prescribing tools that meet the SCRIPT 2017 standard are a manifestation of our commitment to our tens of thousands of provider customers. With this certification, we’ve completed yet another regulatory challenge to enable our loyal clients to adapt to increasingly high standards – ones that benefit both healthcare providers and their patients. Although the new requirements and upgrade will force our providers to slightly modify their prescribing workflow, it is required to meet the regulatory requirements. We continue to strive to lessen keystrokes for our providers but still achieve the ongoing regulatory requirements.”

eMDs prescribing tools are keeping ahead of the pack. Along with e-prescribing, we continue to offer electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), integrated prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), patient adherence tools, including patient out-of-pocket costs by pharmacy available at the time of prescribing, and patient notifications and information.

“It's our goal to make the transition to the new standard as smooth as possible by leveraging our technology solutions, businesses processes and implementation guidance,” explained Tara Dragert, Surescripts Vice President of Product Innovation. “Together with all participants in the Surescripts Network Alliance, we can improve patient safety and prescription accuracy while making workflows between healthcare providers and pharmacies more efficient.”


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