The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way healthcare is delivered. Integrated virtual visits provide a safe, effective alternative to the traditional in-office visit, especially for routine and follow-up appointments.


Virtual visits are critical to maintain care continuity during the coronavirus pandemic. Beyond the crisis, patients will not only expect the convenience and autonomy they've grown accustomed to, but will want additional mechanisms to engage with their healthcare. Given this new normal, a virtual visit solution that integrates with your EHR and PM is essential. When you add virtual visits to your existing workflow, you optimize your time and enhance efficiency, safety, and convenience for patients. Connect with patients on any device and maintain productive engagements, whether patients see you in the office or via video. With an integrated solution, patients can schedule appointments, pay bills, and participate more actively in their own health.


The unexpected emotional intimacy of virtual care As a physician, I’ve been talking to patients on the phone for 15 years, yet I am amazed at how powerful the addition of video is to each conversation. People are worried. They want to see a face and talk with a doctor with whom they're familiar. People want to show you what they're thinking through gestures and facial expressions, which makes video a superior medium for healthcare than voice alone. The patient can see that their doctor is listening to them—creating a trust that is hard to duplicate on the telephone. During the mandated stay-at-home period, often, family members have been in the room and interjected comments. People showed me their pets and pictures of their children. Video allowed for a surprising therapeutic intimacy, different than a medical office, at a time when people are especially vulnerable to feelings of disconnection.

Dr. commenting on NextGen telehealth moduleRobert Murry, MD
Hunterdon Family Medicine
Chief Medical Informatics Officer NextGen Healthcare


In the infographic below we see how the telehealth solution in NextGen Office EHR/PM provides a HIPAA secure way for you to provide outstanding healthcare to your patients. 

NextGen-Office TeleHealth


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