Use new features built in to your Medisoft and Lytec practice management software to prevent missed appointments, reduce no-shows, drive your revenue and most importantly - improve your patient’s experience.

In today’s fast paced, hectic and connected world your patient’s attention is directed in a multitude of directions. The ability to quickly, easily and affordably remind them of an upcoming appointment is almost mandatory -  these days your patient’s expect it.

SOLUTION: Automated Reminder Tools Built In To Medisoft And Lytec

Inside the new Medisoft 23 and Lytec 2019 is an automated appointment reminder system called AutoRemind.

A text message, email or voice call can automatically be sent to all patients on your schedule prior to their appointment. Patient’s can respond to the message to confirm or cancel and their appointment. The appointment status on your schedule is updated automatically. Or, with one simple click a reminders can be sent individually.


Text and Two Way Text Message Email Voice
Autoremind icon_iphone Autoremind email icon_email-sample voice


  • Reduce no-shows and ensure you collect revenue you’ve already scheduled

  • Automate care reminders - Annual Wellness Exams etc.

  • Follow up care reminders and instructions

  • Overdue balance reminders

  • Recalls

Patient Engagement and Communication:

  • Notify all patients or specific groups of important messages

  • Personal or unique greetings to stay connected to your patients

  • Practice Newsletters or health tips


  • Inform and target patients for special offers

  • Increase patient retention via automated recall campaigns

  • Notify patients of annual check-ups, exams etc.

Automated appointment reminders keep your expensive staff off of the phone,  letting them focus on activities that add value to the practice and patient care.

Reminding patients helps drive down your no show rate and protects a valuable appointment slot filled.

AutoRemind is now part of your Medisoft and Lytec software and can also be used with Practice Partner. We have a risk free, 60 day trial, no credit card required.

Get started on your free trial today!



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