2020 brings new challenges and changes for many EHR users. Many practices are looking to change from older, outdated client server based EHRs that they’ve had for many years.

In many cases these older EHRs have become too costly to maintain, susceptible to ransomware viruses and don’t have features that practices and patients alike have come to expect:


  • Access from anywhere on any device
  • Telemedicine built in
  • Patient (friendly) portals
  • Full iPad capability
  • No costly IT support
  • MIPS dashboard
  • Easy, fast, patient documentation
  • Online Check in


As practices consider the many options available to switch EHRs they may be initially overwhelmed and concerned. The good news is that with the right cloud based EHR and partner the change does not have to be complicated or expensive!

Patient data can be converted and training on cloud systems is often free.

More and more small and mediums sized practices are switching their outdated EHRs to cloud based solutions for a variety of reasons. 

Here are the Benefits of a Cloud Based EHR:

  1. Anywhere, anytime, any device access. Cloud based EHRs are available anytime and anywhere from any device: iPad, Mac, Windows, Android iPhone etc. Most importantly all that’s needed is a browser - the same way Facebook, Twitter or Gmail work - your cloud based EHR works the same way. Imagine - your entire practice - secure and accessible on your iPad from anywhere!
  2. Huge IT Savings with a Cloud Based EHR: If you’re using an older server based EHR you’re probably spending a fortune on IT support, new or upgraded servers and networking hardware. In some cases practices actually have their own IT employee(s). Very little if any of this is needed with a cloud based EHR.
  3. Secure and Safe: Cloud-based EHR systems deliver better EHR security than client-server systems and paper records. Cloud-based solutions are also encrypted, rendering data unreadable. Paper files and client servers are also more susceptible to natural disasters, in addition to the vulnerability that comes with onsite storage.
  4. Increased Uptime: Cloud based EHRs deliver near 100% uptime. No disruptions to run updates and backups. In the cloud that all happens behind the scenes with no disruption to your practice
  5. Worry Free Virus Protection and Backups: Cloud based EHRs are not as susceptible to ransomware and other viruses. Backups are performed constantly without disruption to patient care.
  6. One Platform: Top cloud EHRs offer one single software for Practice Management, Scheduling, EHR and Clearinghouse. No more add ons, bridges, or 3rd party companies. Just one platform for all.

Upgrading your EHR can be a challenge, however if you’ve been using a client server based EHR and have been struggling with speed - staying late in the office to finish your notes or meeting government programs like MIPS now is the time to consider an affordable, easy to use cloud based EHR!




AVS Medical

Written by AVS Medical