Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association

NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch) is a 100% cloud based podiatry EHR solution has earned the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).  The EHR was granted the APMA Seal for its ease of use, workflow adaptability and state-of-the-art technology

Connection to the APMA Registry for MIPS Quality Reporting

NextGen Office  does encounter based reporting using electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM's) and providers are required to submit their own data. With the APMA registry, the APMA is able to pull clinical data fromNextGen Office and calculate registry based measures for our APMA members who have opted into the service. The registry allows our podiatrists to report for more podiatric specific measures and receive higher MIPS Scores. 

Built in MACRA/MIPS Practice and Patient Dashboards

NextGen Office comes with built in MIPS dashboards and Patient Scorecards to automatically monitor and track your progress in the MIPS program. Our MACRA Dashboard is designed to help eligible clinicians monitor and understand how they are performing in the three 2018 MIPS performance categories - Quality (previously PQRS), Advancing Care Information (previously Meaningful Use), and Improvement Activities.

The Patient Scorecard offers a brief overview of the Patient's portal Engagement and clinical quality measure evaluation. You can quickly manage the measures population and take the relevant action to remedy failing patients

The APMA registry connection along with the MIPS dashboards and Patient Scorecards are powerful tools used to ensure your success with the MIPS program in 2018.


Our podiatry EHR lets you touch, talk, or type a complete SOAP note on your iPad or iPad Mini. From wherever you are, you can simply go online and start charting. Charting on a tablet at the point of care not only increases efficiency but also helps enhance the doctor-patient relationship.


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