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CGM LYTEC is a trusted and affordable practice management solution that simplifies the way you run your practice. With each release, CGM LYTEC gets better. More powerful. Every year, we add new layers of functionality and usability.

Discover some of the benefits of upgrading to CGM LYTEC 2023.


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Easily create pending transactions

This is a great feature that saves time and ensures you bill for every completed appointment.

Select a date from your schedule and CGM LYTEC 2023 can automatically create pending transactions for every completed
appointment. This saves billers an enormous amount of time and manual data entry.

Best of all, exceptions are easily flagged for users to ensure you don’t miss billing for any appointments. If you’ve ever had that happen, this feature alone will pay for the upgrade to CGM LYTEC 2023.

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Collect the right amount with co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible display

Best practices say to collect patient out-of- pocket amounts at the time of service. CGM LYTEC 2023 makes this even easier. See what’s owed with the enhanced display of up-to-date co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible pulled directly from our eMEDIX* clearinghouse eligibility integration. This newly displayed information may be more current than what was scanned from the card on file. If something is different than what was entered by your users, it gets highlighted.

Want to learn more about EDI with eMEDIX? Ask your representative for details and start consolidating all your software and services with one trusted vendor.




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Cleaner appointment schedules

You asked. We listened. With CGM LYTEC 2023, you can clean up your appointment schedule by hiding inactive resources.

We know many of you have been loyal CGM LYTEC users for a while, and in that time, you’ve seen changes in your doctors and other schedulable resources. Now, these outdated resources can be removed from your default views, so you don’t need to use workarounds to re-sort your lists.

No more clutter. And, no more of those mistakes when patients were inadvertently scheduled to meet with an inactive resource.

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Streamlined appointment reminders

CGM CONNECTION* is our new, integrated reminders option.

With CGM LYTEC 2023, you can now choose default appointment reminder preferences for all patients at once.

It’s much easier to get a new patient set up. Previously you had to opt each patient into certain preferences, but now you can set your standard and you’ll only need to modify specific patients as needed.

global preference
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Standardize Your Communication

Save time and avoid manual repetition and typos by saving and choosing frequently used patient payment notes and references. Saved payment notes can include phrases such as:
• Applied to deductible
• Check number
• Contracted insurance adjustment
• ...and many more

Why type these same phrases multiple times every day?

Best of all, you can add payment notes to your existing charge notes, making it really easy to start using this new feature.




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Upgrade to CGM LYTEC 2023

Take advantage of these exciting new features,
and see the host of other improvements we have made to better assist you in your revenue cycle operations.


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