The Complete Small Practice EHR Solution


Making it Easy to Improve the quality of care

Medisoft Clinical is a simple solution for providing a level of care you can’t find anywhere else. Medisoft Clinical enables physicians to give their patients 100% of their attention by leaving behind the stress and worry that come with many other EMRs on the market. Together, the advanced features in our product work together to create ease-of-use so you can spend less time with your EMR, and more time with your patient.



Bright Note Technology

Clinical with Bright Note Technology uses dynamic processing power to instantaneously populate patient data across the entire chart from a single note. Bright Note Technology’s intuitive design helps physicians feel more comfortable with using an EMR to care for their patients.

It all starts with one note. Using their preferred charting style, physicians and other providers can capture data in a single screen note. Then, with one touch, searchable patient data instantly synchronizes across
the complete chart.



MS mobile.jpg

Medisoft Mobile!

Medisoft Mobile is a free application for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch that allow users to connect with their Medisoft practice management system anytime, anyplace. Use it to charge capture, schedule, and more.



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