An electronic patient statement and delivery service for Medisoft and Lytec users.

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BillFlash lets you send all of your bills in 15 minutes without errors or headaches and for a fraction of what your paying now. Simply upload and approve the bills and BillFlash takes care of the rest.  

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Delivery Services

iconmonstr-email-2-icon-24 Mail

-Send professionally  printed bills
-Customize your  template
-Simplify payment  processing

iconmonstr-tablet-4-icon-24 eBill

-Send cost-saving  paperless bills  securely
-Customize your  template
-Expedite payments

Payment Services 

iconmonstr-credit-card-6-icon-24 ePay

-Payers pay you  online
-Payers can send  messages to you
-ePays are included in  Payments Report

-Process traditional  payments
-Payers can see  OfficePays online
-OfficePays are  included in your  Payments Report


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  • You get the comprehensive options you need to effectively Send Bills & Get Paid
  • You experience innovative services that are easy to use and work well together
  • You maintain control while you benefit from outsourcing
  • You realize tremendous value pricing with significant cost-saving bundles
  • You can begin using BillFlash in less than 60 minutes
  • Our passion is Getting You Paid


Try BillFlash for 30 days free. 

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quotes-grey Before BillFlash, creating and sending invoices was error ridden, difficult, tedious and time-consuming. BillFlash allows us to generate, proof, edit (in real time) and send over 200 invoices in less than an hour and we know all the information is correct because it is pulled directly from our billing software. We have gone from about a 10% collection rate to over 75%!"

Affordable Care Health Clinic, LLC