Fully Integrated Delivery and Payment Services

Billflash, the leader in patient statement solutions, has expanded the BillFlash suite so practices get paid even faster.

You'll have all the tools you need to send bills & get paid in all the ways you and your payers want. Integrated Delivery & Payment Services eliminates traditional headaches which occur when users are forced to try and work with individual services from different vendors.

All you have to do is upload and BillFlash will deliver electronically or print and mail. Eliminate mailing costs, billing errors, and stress and increase collection rates.


Delivery Services

Your choice of bill.
Provide each payer with their choice of a  cost-saving, paperless,  eBill or traditional print & mail. 

Customizable bill templates are proven to drive results.
You control which forms of payment you accept including online ePay through MyProviderLink.com.You can easily manage your own Templates (Bill, eBill, Collection Letters, Payment Receipts, etc.) online. Customize your messages, colors, and forms of payment you accept.

Send all of your bills in 15 minutes.
It doesn't take long to create, upload, and approve bills to be sent. Once approved, BillFlash takes care of the rest - eBills are sent same day, Printed Bills are mailed the next business day

View all of your bills online. 
Get on the same page when Payers ask questions about their bill by viewing their bill online. You'll save time & money answering billing questions.

Tremendous Cost-savings. 
You'll receive tremendous cost-savings (vs. traditional Mail) when you convert your Payers over to Paperless eBills. Discuss details with your BillFlash Reseller.

Notice Emails. 
Customize your eBill Notice template that Payers receive which alerts them to their new eBill and instructs them how to access it through MyProviderLink.com.

History Online for Payers at MyProviderLink.com 
Payers can easily find current and past bills online which saves you time responding to requests for a "lost bill."

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