MACRA/MIPS Dashboard

Our MACRA Dashboard is designed to help eligible clinicians monitor and understand how they are performing in the three 2018 MIPS performance categoriesQuality (previously PQRS), Advancing Care Information (previously Meaningful Use), and Improvement Activities.



MediTouch MACRA Dashboard


Patient Scorecard

Our Patient Scorecard provides a quick summary of the patient’s portal engagement and an assessment of clinical quality measures. Users can quickly manage the measures population and perform the appropriate action to correct failing patients. 

The Patient Scorecard displays on the EHR Dashboard’s slide panel and is accessible from the same pages as Encounter Preview (Patient Tracker, Room Tracker, and Open Encounters)



MediTouch Patient MIPS Scorecard
Advancing Care Information_v2.png

Advancing Care Information

Advancing Care Information (previously Meaningful Use) is one of the three 2018 MIPS performance categories. NextGen Office is 2015 certified technology. MIPS clinicians will be able to earn up to 155 percentage points, but the category will still be capped at 100% for reporting purposes. Base and Performance measures are used in the NextGen Office score. These measures are identified on-screen. Our goal is to make scoring high in this category easy 


Practice Improvement Activities

Improvement Activities is one of the three 2018 MIPS performance categories. Performance in this category accounts for 15% of the total MIPS score. EHRs were not certified for Improvement Activities thus proof of compliment is the responsibility of the practice. To assist, NextGen Office added new features to help users comply with the categories measure requirements

MediTouch MIPS Practice Improvement Activities

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