What is the Aria Credentialing Service?

Posted by AVS Medical on Mon, May 06, 2019

Aria Credentialing Services relieves providers of this administrative burden by handling the entire enrollment and physician  credentialing process from start to finish.


▸ Time savings
▸ Less paperwork for you and your practice
▸ Reduction in credentialing errors
▸ Fewer denied claims and write-offs
▸ More timely reimbursement
▸ Improved patient satisfaction

Complete Management of Credentialing Activities 

Aria manages the entire credentialing process including submitting the initial
application, obtaining bi-weekly credentialing status, responding to all emails,
faxes and phone calls and provides a detailed update once credentialing is

We offer the following credentialing services to meet your specific needs:
▸ Hospital Privileges/Appointments
▸ NPI Account Registrations and Updates
▸ CAQH Registration and Annual CAQH Maintenance
▸ Demographic Updates
▸ Health Plan Enrollments
▸ Medicare and Medicaid Enrollments including Revalidations and DME Practice Enrollments
▸ Annual Credentialing Services

Dedicated credentialing expertise

Aria Credential’s expert staff has extensive experience working with health plans, hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid across the country. Whatever type of provider or specialty, let our team take on the burden of your credentialing and enrollment process and help you avoid delays in payment and ensure your patients continue to have access to your care.

Serving a wide breadth of providers:
▸ Physicians in over 70 specialties
▸ Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners
▸ Solo providers to large group practices
▸ Behavioral Health Providers
▸ Licensed Social Workers
▸ Registered Dieticians
▸ Group and Individual Practices

Add time back into your busy schedule by leveraging Aria Credential today!


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