Introducing Aria Health Services by eMDs

A New, Tailored Approach to Comprehensive Health Services


Aria is the culmination of decades of experience working to provide best-in-class services to thousands of clients. Whether you are a large healthcare organization, a small practice, or a managed services provider, we know that your needs are unique. That’s why our proven approach, technology-backed methods, and dedication to partnership, are unmatched. We meet the needs of your organization so your providers can focus on what’s important – healthier patients.



aria emdsHealthcare faces more obstacles to payment than any other industry. Margins are tight and regulations keep changing. Meanwhile, the complexity of billing processes often lead to costly mistakes. At eMDs, we get it! We'll partner with you to build expert solutions that keep your revenue cycle running smoothly. 




Technology Choices

With Aria RCM, we work with you and your staff to build the most efficient path to a healthier bottom line. Aria can leverage your technology, or you can leverage ours. You pick the path of minimal disruption.

Full Transparency

 Aria RCM is fully transparent, with open systems and detailed reporting, meaning you remain in full control of your business. 


Custom Services

Aria RCM is fully transparent, with open systems and detailed reporting, meaning you remain in full control of your business.


Regulatory Expertise

The Aria team of regulatory and payment experts stay ahead of the latest CMS and payer requirements, ensuring we minimize denials, reduce accounts receivable, and increase payment velocity. 


Operational Efficiency

Aria services are paired with proprietary workflow technology, allowing us to deliver the best results at a lower cost to you.


Business Alignment

Our compensation model means we are 100% aligned to collecting every dollar you’ve earned. We get paid when you get paid.


Aria Credentialing and Enrollment

As a practice administrator, your time is too valuable to be spent on paperwork. Let Aria handle the management and administration of provider certifications and payor enrollments, all at a fraction of the cost and time of doing it yourself.


Aria’s credentialing and enrollment services are designed to smooth the burdensome process of taking new clinicians through payers’ extensive requirements.  Our expert team helps you keep revenue and payments flowing, improves provider and patient satisfaction, and minimizes coverage and referral risks.


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We can work with nearly any provider organization to assist with preparing the detailed information you need to facilitate the enrollment process. Our team will organize, prepare and monitor your privilege applications to ensure your patients continue to have access to your care.

As a fully certified credentialing organization, our credentialing service has the rigorous processes in place that you can rely on to provide comprehensive primary source verification.  We can help you get quality provider reviews without having to invest in staff and infrastructure.




Dedicated Account Executive

A dedicated account executive will guide you through the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance enrollment.  We are a member of your team.


Transparent & Easy Application Monitoring

We make it easy and efficient for you to monitor the status of your applications through our proprietary online portal which includes a real time plan participation tracking grid, enrollment status tracking, and regular reporting communications. As a partner in your practice, we believe in full transparency.

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